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Content Management

Vireo Video’s team has 20+ years of experience in optimizing the DNA of a successful video campaign. From Search Engine Optimization to the creation of engaging titles and thumbnails, you’ll have a dedicated consultant implementing goal-targeted optimization techniques to ensure that your campaign performs to its full potential.

Distribution Platforms

We will optimize, or in the case of first-time deployment, launch, your YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to host current and future videos. This includes working with your designers to create imagery that’s on-brand and supports the campaign, and creating playlists that will keep viewers engaged and expecting your upcoming videos.

Search Engine Optimization

Vireo will ensure maximum discoverability of your channels and each video in your campaign through keywords, titles, descriptions, closed captioning, and cards. Our SEO services will ensure long-term organic views and channel growth.



Thumbnails have surprising importance in the world of video marketing campaigns. Vireo will craft appealing thumbnails with proven strategies that will attract viewers to click on the video image and pull them into your sales funnel.

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